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Buffalo Milk

Buffalo milk differs from Cows milk in richness and composition. Buffalo milk has lower cholesterol but more calories and fat compared with cow’s milk. Buffalo milk is consumed world- wide but predominately in South Asia, with India, China and Pakistan being the biggest producers.


Buffalo milk contains higher total solids than cow’s milk, which makes it thicker. Buffalo milk has 100% more fat content than cow’s milk, which makes it creamier and thicker. Due to high peroxidise activity (family of enzymes that are a catalyst for reactions), buffalo milk can be preserved naturally for a longer period.
Buffalo milk contains more calcium, a better calcium to phosphorous ratio and less sodium and potassium which makes it a better nutritional supplement for infants.


Higher total solids in Buffalo milk also provide for more calories than Cow’s milk ( 100 calories are derived from 100g of buffalo milk while 70 calories from 100g of cow milk)
Buffalo milk contains less cholesterol ( total cholesterol 275mg and free cholesterol 212mg per 100 g of fat) compared to cow’s milk (total cholesterol 330 mg and free cholesterol 280 per 100g of fat).
Buffalo milk is good for healthy bones, dental health, cardiovascular health and weight gain.


Buffaloes produce a thick and creamy milk suitable for the manufacture of dairy products, such as yogurt, a number of fetta cheeses and also the authentic mozzarella cheese.