Water Buffalo
Lloydies water buffalo

About Us

We live in a small town in North Queensland in Australia and have been producing buffalo products for about 35 years We also lease land in NSW and raise the bulk of our herd there.

On our properties our buffalo run free-range. There they graze happily just as any member of the bovine family should.
Over the years we have supplied many of the dairy heifers to new farmers in the industry, and we have always been ready to help with information and advice when it has been sought.

Our male young stock goes mostly to the restaurant trade within Australia, while we try to keep the females for breeding and the dairy side of the business. Our animals are quiet, and handled consistently; and we ensure that any with undesirable traits are quickly culled.

We have around 50 head of lovely quiet female heifers. Some are ready for milking, some are in calf, and some are just ready!!