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Water Buffalo for Sale

Lloydies Water Buffalo

John and Carmel Lloyd have been involved in the water buffalo industry for the past 30 years.

Originally in the Northern Territory, catching and exporting water buffalo meat overseas. When the B.E.T.C programme was introduced into the Northern Territory , this put pay to the catching and exporting of animals, and we realised that we had to domesticate the animals or go totally out of business.

At first these animals were run on our property Larrikeyah from where we processed water buffalo for the meat trade. From there, we moved animals into NSW and after acquiring straws from Italy, we went into breeding milking strain water buffalo.

These animals you see on our website are the progeny of a programme which started 12 years ago. We have always endeavoured to make sure our water buffalo are quiet, and any breeders that did not shape up to that requirement were culled. We have exported dairy heifers to New Zealand, and have supplied breeding stock to people starting out in the buffalo dairy industry within Australia. As a result of this, many of our heifers (which are now cows) are being milked in buffalo dairies around Australia.

Buffalo cows produce about 8 litres of milk, compared to a cow’s 30 odd litres. However the price difference makes up for the smaller yield. At present buffalo milk fetches around $3.50 a litre, compared to .50 cents a litre for cow’s milk. Buffalo milk, because of its high percentage of solids, is perfect for cheese making, and is in high demand from cheese makers around the world. Australia has been very late in realising this, and we still have a long way to go.

We have a large number of females that are ready to be joined, and a quantity that are already in calf. We also have heifers that have calves at foot. Although we sourced the straws from Italy, these milking strain buffalo have their origins in India; whereas the Asian or Swamp buffalo are in countries such as Indonesia and The Phillipines.

Water buffalo have a tendency to wallow. The reason for this is to minimise the effect of biting insects, but is not a necessity. Buffalo are adaptable to a wide range of environments, their life span is almost double that of cattle.

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We rear quiet water buffalo

Our heifers are for resale into the dairy industry and steers for meat sale. We have a lot of beautiful heifers for sale that we like to sell for dairy.

Water buffalo for dairy

The Water Buffalo Dairy Industry is a specialised field with the product demand far outweighing the supply. The milk is sought after for its quality and taste, and the cheese, yogurt and ice cream are always in high demand.